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Basically, powder coating can be compared to placing body armor over metal. It provides a beautiful finish, is extremely resilient – even scratch resistant, and lasts a very long time. Powder is available in thousands of colors, textures, and finishes providing the customer with endless choices to customize the look of their necessities. And because it’s tough it’s also economical, typically lasting several times longer than traditional paint. Powder coating is also environmentally friendly because it is solvent free. Over-sprayed and unused powder can be recycled resulting in minimal waste.

KPI Industrial Supply combines manufacturing experience and engineering knowledge to produce custom fabrications and made-to-order steel products, according to customer specifications. We have the organization and technical skills to provide designs that balance material prices, fabrication and transportation costs with erection schemes matched to the site conditions. We fabricate and construct the steel for complex facilities, consistently meeting the urgent needs of our customers.